During the Covid-19 pandemic, GGREF's efforts have become increasingly vital to vulnerable rural communities.


Granite Grounds Rehabilitation Foundation 

Restoring Lands, Reviving Communities, Protecting Wildlife 

Granite Extraction Process

Granite Products

The granite rock is a material commonly used for countertops in bathrooms and kitchens.

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Granite extraction activities, also known as quarrying activities, can have major environmental effects.
Individuals and wildlife can be affected by shortage of water, dust pollution and land degradation.
Water sources are directly damaged or destroyed by granite extraction activities.
Granite quarries disrupt ecosystems and rural communities' subsistence.

Alternative Water Sources

Food Bags

GGREF brings environmental and humanitarian assistance through dozens of volunteers working in a joint effort. 

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Spring Hunters

Food bags bring immediate relief to those who can no longer survive from their own crops.
GGREF gathers those in need to build a sustainable environmental community.
GGREF builds rainwater reservoirs, allowing natural resources to recover for wildlife refuge.
We involve communities in nature rehabilitation and promote traditional subsistence crops.


For an equitable and sustainable human-environmental balance. 

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