2018 Projects

One of GGREF's projects in August of 2018 was the completion of a 776,000 cubic ft. communal cistern (water reservoir). 

In a region where water is a precious resource, a cistern can go a long way toward helping farmers water their crops.

Although artesian wells are an option in some areas, in others the subterranean water is too deep, and thus too costly, to reach.  For many communities a cistern is their only viable options.  


Food bags: the local people built the cistern and in exchange received a food bag consisting of rice, beans, flour, pasta, dried meat, eggs, sugar, powdered milk, cheese, guava jam, bath and home cleaning products.

Community meal: The 2018  project provided a free meal to all volunteers who participated in building the cistern. It took roughly two weeks to complete and is now, thanks to the rains, full and being used to water a farmers crops. 

These initiatives are just the first of many projects. We are now planning in 2019 the construction of water wells,reforestation, rehabilitation of spring waters and the clearing of a water dam.