2019 Projects

We are currently seeking funds to finalize our 2019 Projects 

GGREF has started the 2nd groundwater (artesian) well project near the Sao Pedro River. This initiative will translate into sustainable access to fresh water to dozens of farmers and their families.  

In conjunction with Spring Hunters, the foundation is also currently rehabilitating two springs that feed the Sao Pedro River. 

You can also be part in restoring the ecosystem and providing a wildlife refuge threatened by irregular economic activity. 




GGREF puts forwards reforestation plans which involve the planting of different selections of seedlings taken from the area and often of multiple species.

In 2019 our goal is to:
  1. Revive 3 tributary springs to the Sao Pedro River. 
  2. Create an ecological corridor of approximately 10 square kilometers. 
  3. Build 3 cisterns (rainwater reservoirs).
  4. Dig 3 wells to supply up to 50,000 liters of water daily each.
  5. Restore 1 small dam to provide water to dozens of families.

Please help us rehabilitate the environment and provide viable ways to help local people in need.